Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions

Roco Finance Pilots Blockchain Gaming Solutions

Blockchain gaming platform, Roco Finance is piloting unique solutions for the numerous problems plaguing the gaming space. By combining blockchain technology infrastructure with its gaming solutions, the Roco Finance platform lowers the entry barriers for game developers, content creators, and player communities.


The Online Gaming Dilemma

The online gaming sector has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, with its total revenue standing around $200 billion. However, all is not rosy, as the multiplayer gaming niche still suffers from several issues that limit its potential.

The Problem Of p2p Trading

Peer-to-peer trading of in-game items between players is quite arduous. This is because most gaming platforms are not optimized to facilitate secure peer-to-peer trading for multiplayer games. Gamers who want to trade in-game items have to go outside of the game and use other item-swap platforms, exposing themselves to the risk of fraud. This flaw increases the chance of unfair trades and duplication.

The Blockchain Barrier Of Entry

While blockchain gaming integration sounds like a great idea for game developers, carrying out this process can be quite burdensome. It requires a tremendous amount of research, marketing promotion, and security updates. This is one of the reasons many online gaming companies steer clear of blockchain technology. However, considering the merits that blockchain can provide, this looks like a lost opportunity to build multiplayer games with new, incredible features powered by blockchain.

Crypto Marketing Limitations

Developers that manage to integrate blockchain gaming and token-based features into their game functionality face the next hurdle of marketing these unique traits of their game. Cryptocurrency-powered games are not yet mainstream. Given this fact, it is difficult and expensive to convince players or investors to hop on this bandwagon


Secure Peer-To-Peer Trading Solution

Roco Finance created its NFT market place which allows gamers to easily purchase or sell their in-game items in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This platform is fully transparent and gives gamers the ability to buy sought-after virtual items or sell them with peace of mind.

The ROCO Payment Gateway System

Roco Finance native token, $ROCO is the primary facilitator of payment within the Roco Finance ecosystem. All games powered by Roco Finance will have $ROCO integrated into their game economics. This means that players can transfer and use their in-game currency across different game platforms!

Provision Of Blockchain Infrastructure

Roco Finance helps game developers integrate blockchain gaming features into their games by providing crucial blockchain infrastructure including; APIs, open-source software development kits (SDKs), virtual items management applications, and an optimized crypto-powered payment system. This will lower the barrier to entry for gaming companies interested in taking advantage of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Gaming Marketing Solutions

Roco Finance helps blockchain-based games to promote and market their products through the Roco Starter IDO. Roco Finance will organize IDOs for promising projects, provide technical support and contribute to their token economics during the seed and incubation stage of development.

Roco Finance Community Offerings

Roco Finance is a community-backed protocol that seeks to make user-friendly offerings accessible to developers and network participants. These community offerings serve to facilitate a healthy circular token economy and provide liquidity to support promising projects. Some of these offerings include:

Staking: Network participants can stake their ROCO tokens to earn passive recurring income via Roco Finance’s staking mechanism.

NFT Marketplace: Through its NFTs marketplace offerings, Roco Finance network users can purchase a unique permanent certificate of ownership of digital assets.

Liquidity Provision: Roco Finance ensures that developers can access seed funding and liquidity while rewarding the community for their participation.

The exchange of very valuable items in the game cannot be performed with the existing value in the game. This causes item exchanges to be exchanged outside of the game platforms or p2p trading. There is a high rate of fraud in p2p trading , which does not have any standard or rules. By transferring Roco tokens into the game, users will be able to easily exchange these valuable items. Thus, fraud attempts will be eliminated. Users can also use Roco tokens outside of the game, purchase items from the NFT market, or convert them into dominant crypto assets such as Avax,. Players who find the p2p item trading unsafe are using item swap platforms. In this case, they have to pay both time-consuming and high commission rate. This is the main reason that triggers p2p trading. Users who do not want to pay high commissions prefer to exchange among themselves, and this situation increases the number of victim users and at the same time has a negative effect on the brand value of the games. Roco NFT Market allows you to purchase all virtual goods as NFT. NFT, in other words “Non-Fungible Token”, is defined as a “unique digital asset” that contains evidence of the digital equivalent of a picture, sound file, video or physical asset. Roco uses this technology to transform virtual items into unique digital assets. With the blockchain, it transforms the trading system into a fully transparent, while also eliminating the ownership problem. Each game has its own game currency. This value can only be used in those games. This situation creates a negative effect for users who want to experience different games. This financial behavior of the players also reduces the user demand for new games. With the payment gateway platform that Roco Finance has developed, Roco tokens turn into a mutual value tool for all games. Players have the opportunity to use this crypto asset in all games. In this way, Game earnings turn into a valuable payment asset that can be used in all games. Developing a new platform for virtual items is time consuming and costly. Integration of a technology such as blockchain into games requires serious R&D work. Marketing process and security issues are other reasons that keep game developers away from the blockchain industry. Roco Finance provides technological infrastructure for both its own games and partner companies. Roco provides open source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, game add-ons, virtual items management applications and a payment systems platform service. Game developers face a number of problems in promoting and selling their crypto assets. The development and promotion process has serious costs. Gaining the trust of users and investors is another factor that increases the cost of time. For this reason, even if game developers have very good products, they cannot get the desired benefit from these processes due to unnecessarily high costs and time loss. Roco Finance mediates with the Roco Starter IDO platform to promote valuable and promising game projects at the seed and incubation stage. It organizes IDOs for partner companies to meet and invest with masses of players. It provides technological opportunities for partner companies to use the blockchain infrastructure. Provides technical support. It contributes to the token economy of projects with the staking efficiencies to be provided after the seed and culture phase, and provides safe trading opportunities to investors with the liquidity provided. ‘’The challenges of online gaming are omnifarious. Vices like trade fraud, high barriers to entry, and marketing limitations will continue to propagate in the absence of real solutions. Our goal is to provide seamless blockchain-based solutions to these problems. We will continue to work with our partners to build a system that allows blockchain and gaming to operate in perfect symbiosis.” — Sebahattin AKAY, Roco.Finance, CEO

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