Functional Benefits

  • Faster transactions and cheaper fees
  • Provable rarity of items
  • Faster transactions and cheaper fees storage of items outside games
  • Use of items in our partner games
  • Secure Delivery
  • Regulated P2P item trading
  • Easy and secure in-game item trading
  • Allows most valuable and rare game virtual items to be bought and sold as NFT

Developers Benefits

  • R&D costs of partner companies decrease as they use Roco Finance products.
  • Genuine ownership will bring more loyalty to gamings.
  • We manage the IDO process of game developers with Roco Starter. We support them at every stage of their crowdfunding process.
  • Game developers can make initial asset offerin at our NFT Market before even at pre-launch or post-launch of the games.
  • With the purchases made in our NFT Market, we ensure that all transactions are carried out in a transparent and secure manner. Thus, we minimize chargeback and fraud transactions.

Investors Benefits

  • Roco token holders can stake their own tokens and earn passive income.
  • Roco token stakers have priority participation in IDOs at Roco Starter.
  • Roco token stakers can earn airdrops from partner games tokens.
  • Roco Finance will organize a buyback program every year. Buyback amount is 10% of annual revenue.
  • Roco Finance receives 1% fee for each transaction at NFT market. Roco Finance distributes all transaction commission to stakers.
  • 20% of revenue is used to incubate projects developed via our tools.